Do to the unprecedented health crisis cause by COVID-19, Ski Land has adopted the following procedures for the safety of our Guests and Employees.

Face Coverings

Correctly worn face coverings that cover both the nose and moth will be required whenever in a lodge, in the ticket line, in the lift maze, on the magic carpet, or when social distancing is not an option. There is no exception to this rule for anyone for any reason.


Please only ski or snowboard with members of your own family or group. When possible, stay at least 6 feet away from others on the mountain. When waiting for the chairlift, please stay 6 feet apart from the person in front of you and correctly wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth at all times. The "Doubles" lane is for those who rode up to the mountain together or for those from the same household. The "Singles" line is for those who came to the mountain by themselves. Please only load on a chair with a partner if you rode up in the same vehicle as them or reside in the same household. If you came alone, you will ride up in a chair by yourself.

On the Magic Carpet, please keep 6 feet of distance from you and others not in your group while using the lift and beginner area and correctly wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth at all times.


Please try to change into as much of your gear at home or in your vehicle as possible. When using the lodges, please keep 6 feet apart from those not in your group when possible. Correctly worn Face coverings will be required that cover both the nose and mouth. Please eat lunch outside or in your vehicle. Our lower lodge will be open but with limited seating, so please do not store items on the tables.

Our Rentals shop will be open but we will require correctly worn face coverings that cover both the nose and mouth at all times. A number waiting system has been implemented with a large indoor waiting area to keep as few people as possible in the rentals shop.

Day tickets will only be sold in the Ticket Shack next to the upper lodge unless you are purchasing a rental package as well. Please correctly wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth while waiting in line and keep at least 6 feet of space between you and the person in front of you.

The upper lodge will not be open for now.

Failure to follow any of our policies may result in your season pass or day pass being revoked WITHOUT refund and being banned from Ski Land until the pandemic is over.

If everone does their part and lowers the case counts in Fairbanks, we can lift some restrictions. If case numbers go up, we may have to put more restrictions in place. Restrictions and policies may change at any time at Ski Lands sole discretion.

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