At Ski Land, we’re not just a small local community hill; we’re a passionate team with one significant goal – to offer affordable and high-quality skiing and snowboarding experiences. The Fairbanks Ski Coalition shares this mission, dedicated to providing accessible and exceptional skiing for both residents and guests in the heart of the Alaskan interior.

Our commitment revolves around careful management of Ski Land, ensuring it remains a welcoming space for all snow enthusiasts. By actively seeking partnerships with those who share our vision for the growth of skiing, we can sustain reasonable prices that transform this into a genuinely family-friendly opportunity. Skiing & Snowboarding should be more than a sport; it should be an experience that embraces safety, quality, and the joy of gliding down snowy slopes.

Together with the Fairbanks Ski Coalition, we’re not just a destination; we’re a community dedicated to the spirit of winter adventure.