Fairbanks Ski Patrol

The Fairbanks Ski Patrol is a non-profit, volunteer ran organization who is committed to keeping you safe on the slopes at Ski Land. The patrol functions under the guidance of the National Ski Patrol with each of its members undergoing a rigorous, year-long training program before becoming an active patroller on the hill. This ensures that the patrollers wearing the NSP uniform at Ski Land are trained to the highest standards, yielding a safe and fun environment for all visitors. Without the presence of the Fairbanks Ski Patrol, Ski Land management would be without an adequate safety-net for their guests.

The organization has historically relied on annual fundraising events to help meet their operational costs. These included the pre-season Ski Swap and the showing of the annual Warren Miller film in early November.  If  folks who have graciously supported the patrol through these fundraisers in the past wish to help, please consider donating directly to the patrol through the secure Paypal link below. All donations will go directly to the Fairbanks Ski Patrol, independent of Ski Land Inc., and are tax deductible. Thank you one and all!!