Season pass holders from any other resort receive $10 off any FULL DAY ticket (must present pass)

Half day starts at 1:00pm for $10 off Full day Tickets. (Start Time may change without notice)

Day Tickets
Adults $40

Discounted Tickets* $35

*(Student, 1st Responders, Military, & 60+ (Valid ID required, Proof of current enrolment required for students)

Youth** $20

**7-17 Years Old

Child*** $0

***Children 6 and under (accompanied by an adult) are ALWAYS FREE

Super Senior**** $0

****Adults 80 old older on November 15, 2020

Equipment Rental Rates

Package** $30 $20
Skis or Board/Boots Only*** $20 $20
Helmet or Goggles Only $10 $10
Poles Only $5 $5

*Youth is 17 years old or younger.

**Package includes board and boots or skis, boots, and poles. Helmets and goggles are provided with a package when available.

***We can not rent only ski boots due to liability issues.

There is a $10 fee to switch gear (skis to board or board to skis)

You are responsible for the cost of any missing or damaged items rented to you.

'20-'21 Season Passes

Adults $500

Discounted* $400

*1st Responders, Military, & 60+ on November 15, 2020.(With valid ID) Students (Valid ID AND Proof of current enrollment for '20-'21 school year required for students.)

Youth** $250

**7-17 Years old on November 15, 2020

Child*** $0

***Children 6 and under on November 15, 2020

Super Senior**** $0

****Adults 80 old older on November 15, 2020

UAF Students***** $0

*****Must have "Skiland Pass" receipt from the SRC


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